Please indulge me that Wordless Wednesday is not exactly wordless today but I want to offer some introduction to the next few weeks of images.

The Pastor of my church approached me to work with another photographer on art for the summer sermon series on Psalm 23.  Interesting since that is my favorite Psalm…one I memorized as a child and could hear playing in my head while trudging the sand dunes of Death Valley, CA on a personal photo shoot with Ken. Another synchronicity: the photographer he wanted me to work with had worked with my husband when she was first starting out.

The three of us discussed the deeper meaning of each verse of the Psalm and in my mind’s eye I could instantly call up photos in Ken’s portfolio that would work. Some are on his website, many are not.

The images you see over the next few weeks will have portions of the 23rd Psalm written on them. Some you will “get” right away but I hope you will ponder how the image matches the verse if you don’t get it right away. The one above is a good example. You might be thinking, “Tamara, those are fishermen, not shepherds.” But look a little closer. What does this image say to you?

Our Pastor did a masterful job of bringing the metaphor to life. I can share that but I’d much rather hear your thoughts first. For you, how does this image line up to the verse?