Testimonials for Tamara's Work

Tamara was an absolute joy to work with during our Creative Grief Studio certification course. She remained open and compassionate throughout the course, allowing her own process to inform her emotional availability and creative skill building. She shared meaningful communication with her peers and with clients while doing Remembering Conversations and Creative Tools. She was also great at seeing all the spaces of creativity that could be filled with music to express the grief experience. I am so very honored to have her on board as one of our Creative Grief Studio coaches.

Kara Chipoletti Jones

Co-Founder, Creative Grief Coaching Studio

Thank you so much for the great experience at the “Postcards from Camp” workshop at Camp Widow.  It was a great experience to externalize my feelings using art and write a postcard to myself as if I were another person.  It allowed me to really see how strong I was.  I felt really protective of my spirit and proud of what I’ve accomplished.  It was so motivating and uplifting to get the postcard in the mail a few weeks later, from my empowered, proud and strong self.  I look forward to another workshop!



Tamara Beachum has presented art based workshops for the Camp Widow® program for many years. Her workshops provide a creative outlet for our campers to express, through art, feelings which they sometimes struggle to express through words. Tamara is a patient, intuitive, and gentle teacher whose unique, personal perspective on the grieving process is a gift to anyone who attends her workshops. I’d highly recommend adding her beautiful energy to any event, conference, or workshop.

Michele Neff-Hernandez

Executive Director, Soaring Spirits International

I have been so thrilled to meet Tamara. She is very insightful, kind and caring. From our first conversation I felt a kinship and knew that she completely understood both professionally and personally those traumatic events that deeply effect the human condition. She leads a conversation to a place of peace and practically helps solve issues of grief. If you need a gentle guide to help you heal from grief and loss I highly recommend Tamara.



The Postcards from Camp workshop that Tamara led has given me something tangible to reflect upon when I see the postcard hung up in my home.  I can transform the negative thoughts and replace them with the positive.   No longer having that partner with you that’s your biggest fan, you are left with only yourself, so the postcard is in a prominent place so that it can give me that little boost when I need it.



Many thanks to those who have granted permission to share their experiences here.

I find time with other Widows an invaluable gift of friendship! I loved the outing you put together to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a true escape from pain in the heart to joy filling flowers and photography! Keep up the good work, Tamara.
Laury Beesley

Founder, Widows GPS

Tamara’s workshop was a very unique and powerful experience for me. Tamara and the creative tools she used helped me to understand and integrate my feelings and get many uncomfortable thoughts and emotions off of my chest. She enabled me to create something beautiful while at the same time dealing with my grief and sharing my experience with others. I would highly recommend her workshops for anyone, young or old, suffering from the loss of a loved one. It was a warm and transformative experience, benefiting both me and others in my life.