This is what I learned from grief:

  • Grief doesn’t come in nice, neat stages.

  • There are no timelines.

  • It doesn’t necessarily get easier, it gets different.

  • The word “and” is the most important word in your vocabulary after loss.

  • The heart has an infinite capacity for love.

  • Grief can be a positive catalyst in your life.

  • Love lives on.

What will you learn? Let’s figure it out together…



Molding Possibilities

One-on-one mentoring opportunities to support you in shaping your new life after loss.

Stitching Together

Sometimes it helps to explore within a compassionate community. Find creative workshops in the Atlanta, GA area where we use heARTwork activities to explore grief and resilience.

Solitary Explorations

heARTwork activities and tools you can use on your own to seek meaning and understanding.

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