Artful Living After Loss


Grief is an individual experience –

from person to person and from loss to loss


Just as your relationship with your loved one was unique, your grief won’t be exactly like anyone else’s. In your lifetime, you may also find you don’t have two grieving experiences that are the same. Grief is personal; six inches from your face kind of personal and that’s OK. Even in my role as a grief coach I won’t know exactly how you feel – I won’t pretend to either – but I will listen.


Feel what you feel –

don’t worry about stages, timelines or closure


I wish I could give you a list of each and every stage or emotion you will go through and in what order. I can’t; no one can. Your mind is likely crowded with thoughts. Am I doing this right? When will grief end? Will it ever end? Why can’t I stop crying? Why can’t I cry at all? Why is my grief making me fat? Will I ever feel like eating again? When will I have closure and what the heck is that anyway? The list goes on and on.

You don’t get over a significant loss, you get through it and it informs who you are. You get to decide what you want to take away from the experience. But know this: life can be good again.

In my work as a grief coach I specialize in supporting you through the loss of a loved one due to death. I can also help with life’s invisible losses such as the death of a friend, job loss, a change in health, or changes in family circumstances like relocation or when a child moves out.


Love lives on –

you carry it throughout your life


I know what it’s like to experience tremendous loss, grieve deeply, move through it and create a new life. I hope to provide a compassionate place for you to be as you make sense of your new normal. You are not alone. Memories, even the hard ones, are a legacy. I look forward to witnessing your stories and helping you remember your loved one in a way that includes them in your life – past, present and future.

What grief experience brought you here today? How can I support you? Let me know through the Contact page. 



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Artful Living After Loss