Author, Patti Digh, recently put out a challenge to be a rock fairy with the call to “Fling some beauty into the world today, with gratitude at its core.” I love that idea. 

This is something I have done before. It makes me feel good. The last time I was on a plane I tucked a love letter into the airline magazine in the seat pocket in front of me. I didn’t think about the gratitude that was behind that offering but it was there. I was headed off on an adventure to Puerto Rico. So many times I have been reluctantly in an airplane seat on business trips, the pull to be home instead or the longing to be wandering somewhere that didn’t involve the inside of conference rooms tugging at my heart. I could have used a love letter. My heart was full with gratitude for the time and ability to be on an adventure of my own choosing when I slipped my anonymous letter between the pages of that magazine. 

So what beauty shall I fling into the world today? I’m offering this blue ceramic heart I made to one of my readers. I’m grateful for so many things these days: for the ability to share my journey with you, to witness your stories, to make art in whatever form I choose, and to love life because of my blue heart not in spite of it.  

Comment below or on this Facebook post if you want to be considered and I will choose one winner at random to send it to (in the US please.)  What are you grateful for?