Molding Possibilities: Mentoring

Schedule the Creative Grief Support session of your choice below.

Creative Grief Individual Sessions

One-on-one sessions are available to discuss whatever you need. We will work together over Skype/Zoom or by phone. Sessions are 60 minutes long and can be scheduled one at a time. $100 per 60 minute session. Click here to schedule.

Remembering Session

Tell me about your loved one. Help me get to know that person, what they meant to you and what loving them has taught you. How has knowing them changed you for the better? I’ll help you uncover a clear understanding of their legacy for your life and how to take that forward. Based on our discussion, I’ll offer you a creative exercise that you can use to solidify your loved one’s continued membership in your life. You will also receive a recording of the session to listen to again. $95 for one 45 minute session. Click here to schedule.

Planning Kitchen

Specifically geared toward individuals who are experiencing a career change or starting a new business, the Planning Kitchen is the place to be. You will receive a 36-page workbook that we will go through together to better understand what your dreams are for your work, what you already know about your values, where you want to go next and how to develop support systems to get you there. We will meet for two or three one-on-one sessions and I will provide post-call notes including further reading where needed. The cost is $150 per 60-minute session. Click here to schedule.

“Get to Know You” session

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