Transforming Loss: collage in wax

Transforming Loss
Learn to collage with wax during this experiential workshop


with Photographic Encaustic Artist, Penny Treese

Grief is the teacher that no one asked to have but there is much to be learned from our experiences. Losses stay with us even as our relationship to them and to others around us changes. What have you learned from your losses? We are often surprised when grief teaches us something positive:  a boundary is established, something hidden shifts into the light, our familiar focus changes.  

During this workshop you will alter a personal photograph of your choosing (copied) with paint, warm beeswax and collage ephemera such as papers, dried flowers, herbs, etc. You will also learn to create texture by carving, stamping or embedding small items into your piece. Encaustic can sound intimidating but it is a surprisingly accessible medium. You will be amazed at how easy it is to collage with wax.  

Can’t imagine how you would start? Don’t worry, a guided meditation will give you inspiration and we will lead you through the rest of the transformation.   

Encaustic pieces have a depth that echoes life’s constant ebbs and flows. And yet, like the underlying layers of wax and pigment in each painting, there is a foundational hope. A hope expressed in the truth that circumstances cannot touch true peace, that indeed “grace is sufficient.”    

Sound interesting? Still not sure? Here’s a bit more information:

  • This workshop is for anyone learning how to cope with a loss (divorce, death of a loved one, loss of career, change in health, etc.)
  • You will have a chance to acknowledge your loss in compassionate community and use heARTmaking to transform your experience of it
  • We will provide step-by-step instructions to create your encaustic image
  • You will learn a few different encaustic methods and techniques
  • You will be gently guided through this healing heARTwork experience
  • You will finish the workshop with one or more encaustic paintings of your own making
  • Cost: $119 per person and, other than a personal photograph you will supply, includes all of the supplies that you will need to create your finished piece (beeswax, wood panel, paints, etc.) 

How To Register

Registration is closed. Contact me at 404-377-5160 if you would like to schedule this workshop for a group.