Molding Grief at the Holidays

Molding Grief at the Holidays

Christmas decorations loomed behind me in the aisle of the drug store as I tried to focus on the Halloween candy purchase I was there to make. The first ad for a retail giant’s holiday wares was sandwiched between “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and an ad telling me how I should vote. Ready or not, here comes the holiday season.  

Are you dreading it? It’s hard enough to cope with the death of a loved one on our “normal” days but when the holidays arrive the anticipation and events can feel overwhelming.  

Let’s face it; this is a difficult time of year but the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and Day) don’t have to be all bad. You can hold joy and experience the lightness of the season despite the sadness you feel. You can include your loved one in the celebration in new ways. Are you interested in finding approaches to thriving during the holidays, not merely surviving it all? I have some strategies.  

Don’t think this will be some boring lecture; we are going to get our hands dirty…literally! I will have supplies and inspiration for making ceramic ornaments of your own design. (The mourning dove pictured on this page is an example of one I made.)  

During the first session we will pound some clay, mold it and make something from nothing. No prior experience – absolutely none – is needed. I will show you what you need to know. Working with clay is a very tactile experience that gets us out of our analytical mind. As we work together we will brainstorm ways we can celebrate our loved ones during the holiday season.   

In the second session I will return your bisque fired ornament(s) to you and we will spend some time decorating them. By that time you may have a vision for what you want your pieces to be or you may not have a clue. Sounds like grief, doesn’t it? We will be meeting after Thanksgiving so we will have a chance to talk about that and any adjustments or new ideas that come up for the rest of the season.    

Sound interesting? Still not sure? Here’s a bit more information:

  •          This workshop is for anyone grieving the death of a loved one (spouse, partner, parent, child, grandparent, friend, sibling, etc.)
  •          Your loss can be recent or many years ago
  •          You will leave with practical suggestions on how to handle feelings of grief during the holidays
  •          You will find ways to remember your loved one in your community/family
  •          You will finish the workshop with one or more ceramic ornaments you can keep or share with others
  •          The group will be kept small and intimate
  •          Children 13 and older are welcome participants with an adult family member
  •          Cost: $38 per person
  •          Email with additional details such as directions to my Decatur studio will follow registration

 Registration is closed. Contact me at 404-377-5160 if you would like to schedule this workshop for a group.