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Individual Coaching Session
Grief is a natural part of life but that doesn’t mean we always know what to expect. During our time together you will decide what area of your grief journey you want to better understand and how you want to live after loss. From there I will introduce you to a creative heARTwork prompt that will support you in your exploration.  The goal of individual coaching is to help you uncover how you can live  wholeheartedly after loss.

A one hour session is usually $100 but Camp Widow participants receive a rate of $50 (50% off) through the end of September 2014. Click the Paypal button below to access this special rate.


Uncovering Your Resourcefulness Package
Struggling with the grief? Have a bigger concern that you are unable to work through on your own? I will meet you right where you are, listen to your challenges and support you through a set of creative exercises or tools for you to assimilate what you are feeling and make a plan for moving forward. Since these sessions are based on your individual needs we will begin with prework that I will provide you in advance so I can tailor our efforts to your needs. Usually $300 for three 60 minute sessions, Camp Widow participants can access a special rate of $250 for three 60 minute sessions using the Paypal button below to schedule. This offer is also valid through the end of September 2014.


If you have questions about the coaching process, please contact me at 404-377-5160 to set up a complementary brief phone call to discuss.